Primed for action

I got a little tired of the raw steel look of the frame, so I sanded the light surface rust and sprayed a coat of primer to see what areas need some clean up before paint. And just cause it looks cool.

I cut the access hole in the back of the frame, to where I can put the chain on the rear sprocket. The hub ended up the perfect length, with the sprocket centered as seen, and the wheel also centered on the frame. Need to make a few wheel spacers and get the bearings installed where the hub goes into the frame tube.

Next up I need to cut the chain to length to go around those sprockets.

More seat

Got a little more done on the seat, doing some sanding, shaping, some body filler and set everything up to see how it’s looking.

Here you can see the seat compared to the real one I’m using as a reference.

Fitting the seat:

And here’s how it’s looking, which can also be seen on the Current State page.

Seat, and more body work

Started making the seat out of wood, to then make a silicon mold out of, and then be able to cast the seat in hard rubber.

Also, still getting the engine cover smoother and smoother, ever so gradually..

I also cut the hub shaft to length, and left a piece on the end to act as a keyway, in addition to the setscrew and probably another small keyway with standard removeable key

More body filling

While doing random small stuff like centering shafts in the center of tubes, I’ve been working more on the body lines and smoothing of the engine cover. First thickened epoxy, sanding, some primer to see the low spots, then starting the body filler..

Starting the seat

Engine cover is still getting body filler and sanded. I drilled the holes in the back for it to attach to the seat post. Next need to figure out some more mounting locations. You can also see where the pull starter will be sorta hidden, yet still in a good spot to pull it.

20140403_213709 20140403_213732

I also started mocking up the seat with foam.  Going to be more refined and made of rubber later, but getting an idea of how big I want it.


eE48v on Steering test