Internal jackshaft bearings

Got the little 12 tooth sprockets that go inside the rear frame tubes. I set it up on the outside to show where the chains will run inside the frame tubes.  My clearances look like they should be perfect.


So next up, I needed to get some jackshaft bearings in that frame tube.  I welded 2 different sized washers together.  one with the right outside diameter to fit in the frame tube, and one with the right inside diameter for the bearing to press into (press by hand).  The outside of the bearing just happens to fit great in the inside diameter of the larger washer as well.  I made 2 of these washer bearing retainers.  Then welded a short tube to connect each set of washers.  This whole unit will slide into the frame tube, and then just slide the jackshaft through the bearings, put the sprockets on the jackshaft, and its ready to go.  Will also have a bolt thread through the outer tube, into the inner tube, to hold everything from moving around.


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