More steering work

I added some tabs to the handlebars for the upper tie rod, and to the front axle steering spindle, for the lower tie rod, and began working on the steering shaft that goes through the front tube.  I am making the tie-rods out of all thread, and am making 3 of the 4 tie rod ends myself, but may have to buy one where it connects to the pivoting steering shaft.   And of course, had to do a rider test fit.  I haven’t finished the grip part of the bars for him to hold onto, but it looks like he should be able to reach ok etc, and the actual seat will be a tad lower which will help.


Also welded on the bearings which support the front short jackshaft (the yellow things).  The clearly too-long chain is loosely set there to look at alignment.frontJackshaft

I did a little video of the handlebars rotating, which you can see on the Videos page.

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