Exhaust and some details

Got a pretty big hurdle out of the way, which was routing the exhaust.  The real Batpod, they hid to the exhaust by running it inside the frame to further the illusion that there is no gas motor in it.  But this option was easier for them since they used a 4-stroke.  I’m using a 2-stroke motor, and the expansion chamber is both required, and can’t be highly modified (at least not easily).   So, I took the whole Batpod and the pipe that came with the motor to a friend, Fothergill (thanks again!), who has a good welder, and who himself is a much better welder than me.  We modified it to go straight down, back, then angle out.  It actually goes between the frame rails under the motor, so a little hard to see what’s going on, but that’s really the point, to have it as hidden as possible.


I also began work on the foot rests.  Here’s the left side one.  Using thin plywood, then fiberglass cloth over that, all backed by steel.  Doing them in fiberglass to save weight, and they are easier to make all the slotted holes in like the real ones have.



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