Little this, little that

I made the front spindle and axle setup, just need to add a steering arm, tie rod etc, once I get e better feel for where I want them.


I also began mocking up the left side structure to the rear wheel, which supports the foot rest, etc.


And as a side project, I found, well, i don’t even know, some bamboo insense tray or something at a thrift store for like $2.  I noticed it could work for the hand guards. I find it odd the hand guards are different from each other, the left versus right, but hey, I’m just copying the design, so I’ll make mine match the real thing.  I mixed epoxy resin with some microfiller to thicken it up into a paste, and began spreading it on where I want raised surfaces.  It’ll take some sanding, dremeling, and adding more resin, and doing a final resin coat once done, but so far so good.  This is both sides, on this one thing, so at some point I’ll cut this in half.


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