Rear frame and Shock mounts

I finished the main parts of the left side of the rear end, which supports the left footrest/peg. The real one hides a small radiator, so I’ll probably fake a radiator there later for looks.   I included the tabs that hold the radiator in place into the design by cutting notches out of some angle iron.  There will also be a square top cap piece welded in place later with some slotted holes to complete the look.


I also welded the front shock mounts to the pivot tube, and began figuring out the rear shock mount.  The shock goes higher than I’d like in the back, to clear the motor, but it will all be hidden by the silver body panels later. And I will probably trim down the width of that tall mount to lighten the load.  There will also be a support bar from the main pivot bolt to the bottom of the rear shock mount to be done soon.


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