Sorry about the long “Brake”

I’ve had the classic Brakes Blues. I like making stuff move, not making it stop! Anyways, got a few things done, or at least planned.

First off, I needed a way to keep the rear hub and sprocket centered inside the rear frame tube, so I had to go to the big guns. A friend of mine, Keith, from way back in school is now a machinist. I got a wheel bearing to go around the 1″ shaft of the hub, and had him make me a nylon sleeve to match the outside of the bearing race, and the inside of the rear frame tube (thanks Keith!!). Here it is sorta layed out:

Next I am workin on the rear brakes. The wheel is so small, it’s hard to get a caliper inside of it. So I’m making a sort of hub to go on the other side of the wheel, which will hold the brake rotor. In this pic, a bike sprocket is showing where the brake rotor will be.
Gonna weld the big washers to the piece of tube, have it bolt to the wheel with the same bolts that hold the hub on the other side.

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